Hey Binbrook. Its with a heavy heart, but also with a sense of duty, that I am announcing we are now closed. In light of the relentless growth of COVID-19 I can not in good conscience continue to ask my staff to leave their homes to come to work. Im of the opinion that if we really want to stop this thing, we need to just stay home for a couple of weeks. Im surprised this isn't happening yet but we'll see. Short term pain for long term gain I always say!

On behalf of myself and the team here at The Binbrook Grill, I want to say how thankful and humbled we are by the support in the last couple of days and the past 5 years. The restaurant industry is a tough one, but operating a restaurant in a community of stand up people is a pleasure.

We will look to re-open after Easter! We will take this time to revamp the menu, get some painting and renovating done, and of course spend time with our families.

Please take care of yourselves. Please do not underestimate the severity of this thing. Its new, we don't know much about it, and its changing everyday.

We look forward to seeing all of you when the sun is a little warmer, the drinks are a little colder, and the smile of our servers and yourselves will brighten our days more than ever!

Bye for now! ack ack
Wade Taylor