How we came to be...

Binbrook Township received its name from a town in Lincolnshire, England in 1792. Township land was first owned by the widows and heirs of British officers and soldiers who served in the American War of Independence. However, these people did not settle the land but sold it to land speculators. The first settlers moved into the area in 1809. By 1832 there were only ten farm houses with a total population of 161 in the whole township. From 1834 on, the township's population increased greatly due to the influx of English and Scottish immigrants. By 1893, the Village of Binbrook alone had 23 homes and 103 people living there.

Over the years the town of Binbrook grew steadily fueled by farming and agriculture In 2001 it was amalgamated into the City of Hamilton, which began the construction of hundreds of homes. In 2009 the rapid expansion of the town continued with the building of many new subdivisions as well as the water tower. The quiet 4 corners at the heart of Binbrook was no longer quiet, as young families from abroad moved to the new developments to plant their roots.

In Caledonia, in 2010, Chef Wade Taylor opened The Argyle St Grill. The community quickly embraced and supported the new restaurant and it became the favourite local spot for a drink, snack or special occasion meal. In 2013 the restaurant was featured on the Food Network's hit show "You Gotta Eat Here". Not only was the Argyle the local hot spot, it was now a tourist destination! This increased exposure and influx of business allowed Wade the opportunity to expand, and "The Bin" was the perfect spot!

In the fall 2013, The Binbrook Grill opened its doors after many weeks of renovations. Once again, the community graciously embraced the business and made it their own local hot spot. Over the years, and especially during the pandemic, the special relationship between the Binbrook Grill and its guests and staff had proven time and time again to be unique and special. Whatever obstacles are to come, one thing is for certain, the Binbrook Grill along with the tight knit community of families and friends will endure and support each other. To say we are grateful is an understatement. We are thankful and we are blessed to be part of such a wonderful small town.